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SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS

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SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS Empty SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:57 pm

A new Twitter account has popped up called @StopTrumpUS

DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE.  Investigation shows this is a money scamming outfit located in Panama City, Panama.  If anyone is familiar with the drug lord gangs and prostitution rings of illegals being smuggled into this country by way of the southern border, this is one of the areas it originates from.

SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS QoBtRYi

The account was traced to with a spoofed phone that has already been reported to SCAMGUARD under various other domain names they are using.  The P.O. Box and phone number were also traced to a Facebook account.  It's expected probably dozens more are out there.

SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS T5Xee9f

The IP resolves to and you should probably block the IP from your firewall if you inadvertently visited the website and then do a full virus and malware check of your computer.

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SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS Empty Re: SCAM Account @StopTrumpUS

Post  BoudicaRides on Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:10 am

Thanks for reporting this. Good to know someone knows how to tell who is who.


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