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Post  Admin on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:10 am

Welcome to the Trump Report Forums!

This module was created for supporters of Donald J Trump for President.  We're glad you're here and hope that this guide will help you meet new friends, collaborate on projects together and give you a home where you can speak freely while focusing on getting our next President of the United States elected.  While there's much one person can do alone, there's a lot more they can accomplish together.  The key is having the proper tools that enable the truth to go viral.  This platform was created with these intentions in mind.  There's much you can do with it and much voter-education that can be broadcast everywhere and easily using the tools provided.

While most questions can be answered in the FAQ Section located on the top row navigation bar, we've added stickies to the board itself where the FAQ didn't suffice.


Registration - First things first. On the far right of the HOME page you will see REGISTER on the navigation bar. You simply click that, enter an available username and valid email address and submit. Check for the activation link in your email, click that and you're done.

There are many features available. We understand people will have questions. This is the area where you can find help. Just post a question or problem and we'll help you solve it.

The objective is to share information as you find it and use the tools provided here to echo that message far and wide.

Thank you for joining #TEAMTRUMP!

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