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Liz Mair - Twitter (LIKES)

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Liz Mair - Twitter (LIKES) Empty Liz Mair - Twitter (LIKES)

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:05 am

As evidenced in our sub-forum, Trump Card LLC, we found Liz Mair to be operating as a political strategy consultant in opposition to the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign.

Questions arise as to who actually hired this woman and her team, beyond the public admissions of her resume, considering her continued role and obsession with #NeverTrump projects.

Here we try to analyze her public interests gained from her social media activities. While manually tedious, the use of AI tools aren't very productive when attempting to answer questions of a specific nature.

This is an exhibit overlay for analysis and later reference into a much broader summation. Plainly, we're listing each piece of her public, personal, known activity into separate containers and allow that to answer the questions, instead of forcing an opinionated, editorialized prejudice on the facts.

*Distraction is the evil of all productivity.

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